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i have a headache & i don't know why. i've had one for like three days now, it's not really a big headache, just a small annoying one. i think it's because i've been coughing, but the cough hasn't got worse. i don't have any idea what's going on.

also, my little bird i talked about in my journal, she died last night. i put her to bed (fed & clean) & i came to bed about 2am. i was going to say good night to her & she wasn't moving. her little heart & body is so small that when her heart beats her whole body moves. i started crying like a baby. i was so upset. i had such big plans for us both. i liked being a mama bird. eric got up out of bed & buried her with her bear in the backyard. god, i'm about to cry just thinking about it again. i feel like a loser.

i've been going crazy all week, i havn't had to work because william (the little boy i nanny) has been with his grandmother. which is all & good, but that leaves me without a paycheck this week. i'm glad eric gets paid friday - i need some denny's cheese fries bad! ><

i should go check on dinner, i probably burned something by now. boca burgers, fried potatoes & velveeta shells & cheese for dinner. & don't forget the sweet tea.

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